Pak-helicopter Mi- 17 crash-lands in Afghanistan


A helicopter of Punjab province government Mi-17 crash-landed on Thursday in eastern Afghanistan. Just after the incident, the crew members got prison by Taliban terrorist before the helicopter set on fire.

At the time of incident, there were about seven people in the flight.  The flight was going on its way to Uzbekistan for the maintenance, reports said.

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A spokesman for Logar province's governor confirmed that the helicopter crashed in the Mati area of Azra district.

The Army Chief General Raheel Sharif called Commander Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan General Nicolson and told him to give aid in the improvement of the helicopter crew.

"Gen Nicolson has assured all possible help in this regard," Military's spokesperson, Lieutenant General Asim Bajwa said.

Bajwa said, “There were seven people on board including retired military officers and a Russian navigator when the incident took place. .

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Eyewitnesses said, “The helicopter appeared to have caught fire during landing while some residents said the Taliban set it on fire.”

In the flight, there were around six members of the Punjab government and a Russian engineer.

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