Pak Govt. encouraged terror leader Syed Salahuddin to threaten war against India


The Pakistan Government has again supported terror leader Syed Salahuddin, the head of the Hizbul Mujahideen. In context of Kashmir conflict, he has even told Syed to do war against India and this tym Salahuddin has undermined an atomic assault on India.

Kashmir Violence: More than 3,300 security personnel wounded

Salahuddin said to reporters, “There is a great chance of a nuclear war taking place between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir issue.”

"Pakistan is duty bound, morally bound, politically bound and constitutionally bound to provide concrete, substantial support to the ongoing freedom struggle on the territory of Kashmir. And, if Pakistan provides this support, there is a great chance of a nuclear war between the two powers," he added.

He even added that, “Three wars have already been fought between the two countries over the Kashmir issue, adding that he can predict a fourth war with certainty because Kashmiris are no longer willing to compromise under any circumstances.”

"Whether the world supports them or not; whether Pakistan stands by them or not; whether the United Nation performs its duty or not; they have taken a pledge to fight up to the last drop of their blood," he added.

Even the warning had been given by Salahuddin that if the international community did not pay attention to the ongoing viciousness in Kashmir, then Kashmiris from both sides of the isolated valley would be compelled to take things into their own hands.

"If God forbid, the international community continues to cold shoulder and ignore this issue and Pakistan's efforts are not fruitful, and India does not stop its atrocities, a big incident can occur. Our base camp in liberated Azad Kashmir and the Kashmiris from this side will announce the trampling of the Bloody Line (of Control)," he said.

Salahuddin further added that that there would be no ceasefire line, no international rules and no consideration for the United Nations observers.

"Bleeding Kashmiris will come from that side, these Kashmiris will go from this side, and God willing a decision will take place on the bloody line," he added.

He said, “The Kashmiri people have reached this conclusion that they have no second option except to go ahead with an armed struggle and an armed jihad.”

"Neither is the international community doing its duty, nor are the international organisations trying to stand by their resolutions, nor is the Modi government ready to give any leeway. So, what remains with Kashmiri suppressed, bleeding people? Nothing less than target-oriented armed struggle. God willing, all this is already present there, but a new dimension will enter it now, which will prove very dangerous for India, god willing," Salahuddin said.

"After the martyrdom of Burhan Muzaffar Wani, why did the entire state come out on to the streets against India? Actually Burhan is not the name of a person; it is the name of an ideology, a goal, the name of a dedication and a sentiment. At this point in time, the Indian troops are faced with Burhan in every street and lane. Every old person is Burhan, every child is Burhan, every young man is Burhan and every mother, daughter and sister is Burhan," he added.

On July 8, 22-yr old Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Muzaffar Wani was killed due to which regular protest has been taken place in the valley.  

Since the killing of Burhan Wani, in the protest, the death tolls have been reached to around 60 while more than 5,000 are wounded, including the security forces.

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