Pak discharged Qaida chief’s children to free Kayani’s child?


WASHINGTON: The fear based oppressor bunch al-Qaida has said it removed the arrival of two little girls of its boss Ayman al-Zawahiri and the dowager of killed 9/11 organizer in return for the seized child of previous Pakistan army chiefs Pervez Ashfaq Kayani.

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The case was made late August on the front page of the al-Qaida online magazine Al Masra and reported in the US-construct Long War Journal with respect to Friday. The magazine said it had additionally guillotined a Pakistani spy who had driven its "defector" armed force to the three ladies, who it said have been sent back to Egypt after the detainee trade.

Despite the fact that news of the confinement of Zawahiri's little girls in Pakistan has been in the cybersphere for quite a while, there has been no indication that Kayani's child Sarosh had been captured to secure their discharge. Rather, late improvements revolved around the abducting of Ali Gilani, child of the previous Pakistan PM Yousuf Raza Gilani, who talked after his salvage by US and Afghan strengths of endeavors to swap him for the arrival of some al-Qaida agents' womenfolk.

It now turns out that the ladies may have been Zawahiri's little girls Fatima and Umaymah, who were leaving Pakistan's Waziristan area ahead of schedule in 2015 with their huge brood (of seven kids and five youngsters individually) by virtue of rehashed shelling, when they were confined by the Pakistani military. The third lady was Samiyyah, dowager of Adnan Shukrajumah, said to be one of the 9/11 organizers.

"The greater part of the endeavors at intercession and arrangement with the Pakistani armed force, (which is) the deceiving operator, which does not stop holding these families collared, have been unsuccessful," al-Qaida had said in an announcement in July.

The outfit later guaranteed that the "prideful" Pakistani armed force at first "cannot" the proposed trade, however in the end consented to it after long arrangements. The dialect of the cases recommends that the Pakistani military has been hand and glove with al-Qaida, as has been for quite some time suspected, and that the two sides have lines of correspondence they utilize frequently.

As though to underline that it was not Gilani it was discussing, al-Qaida distributed a photograph of Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, as per the Long War Journal. While the Journal said it can't substantiate the Kayani trade with free proof, it said the strategy is totally reliable with Qaida's past plans.

To be sure, abducting Pakistani elites for payoff and detainee trade has been a genuinely normal event in Pakistan. Another late passage in the nation's capturing lobby of distinction is Shahbaz Taseer, child of previous Punjab senator Salman Taseer Invariably, points of interest of their "salvage" or discharge are covered in puzzle.

Kayani's child Sarosh is recorded as an official at the Fauji Fertilizer Company, a military venture that is to a great extent a sinecure for a ravenous armed force which has transformed itself into a business endeavor draining the state into penury.

Despite the fact that Kayani came into the armed force from humble starting points (his dad was a lesser appointed officer), like most Pakistani commanders he resigned an affluent man because of the permit the nation's military needs to plunge into the coffers.

Kayani's sibling Kamran Kayani is presently an absconder in the 17 billion rupee safeguard lodging land embarrassment and he is being explored by National Accountability Bureau, as indicated by the Pakistan media. Regularly, the Pakistani media finds simply after they resign that armed force boss like Pervez Musharraf and Kayani have stuffed themselves to the detriment of the nation. The media is at present commending General Raheel Sharif, due to resign in November, in the midst of reports that he will be made a "Field Marshal" notwithstanding the mid-section loaded with awards he is as of now weighed down with.

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