Pak calls US comments ‘lost, self-conflicting’


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Pakistan has termed as "lost and self-conflicting" the basic comments by the US that it was being particular in focusing on terrorists and not pursuing the gatherings debilitating its neighbors.

"We have taken a genuine note of the comments made by the US Deputy Spokesperson, which are self-opposing and unmindful of the way that Pakistan has taken solid measures to counter terrorism in a stage astute way keeping in perspective Pakistan's national security concerns," Foreign Office representative Nafees Zakaria said yesterday.

Zakaria said that Senator John McCain and different US lawmakers and congressmen consistently recognized the exceptional accomplishments made by Pakistan in its counterterrorism drive.

The announcement came two days after US State Department Deputy Spokesman Mark Toner in a solid message requested that Pakistan demonstration against fear bunches focusing on its neighbors and not only the ones that represent a danger to it, saying that Pakistan was following dread gatherings "specifically".

Pakistan said the capture of a charged Indian "spy" in March this year did not instant a response from the US.

"The capture of the neighbor's dynamic administration officer who openly admitted his state's inclusion in executing and financing terrorist and subversive exercises in Pakistan shockingly did not quick any announcement by the US," said Zakaria.

Pakistan additionally made a hidden reference to India's charged utilization of Afghanistan's domain to make local insecurity.

"Gen McChrystal's 2009 report had additionally specified the neighbor's exercises from the domain of another of Pakistan's neighbor and that they could be hindering to security in Pakistan and the district," the announcement charged.

"Given these ground substances together with the brutal treatment dispensed by the "neighbour"s" strengths to the vulnerable and honest individuals battling for their entitlement to self-determination," Zakaria said obviously alluding to the continuous distress in Kashmir.

The comments of the Deputy Spokesperson are "lost" and are not touchy to Pakistan's security concerns, it included.

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