Pak breaking ties between terrorists and their facilitators, says Army General Qamar Javed Bajwa


Islamabad:  Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa on Wednesday conveyed that, Pakistan is making growth in breaching link between terror masterminds, their executors. Army General further conveyed that hostile agencies are using terrorism as device; a day following a terror assault killed 27 people in Lahore.

24 dead, 42 injured In Kabul Car Bombing

Regional actors and hostile intelligence agencies are completely concerned to use terror as policy tool. He further added that gutless occurrences of terrorism cannot down national resolve to eradicate militancy from its nation.

Army completely stands with police and other law enforcement agencies towards presentation of their role as first responders. He said simultaneous impacts at Kabul and Lahore are declaration of both Pakistan and Afghanistan are casualties of fear based oppression and will keep on suffering if these performers can utilize An afghan area with exemption.

At least 26 individuals were killed and 41 injured today after a Taliban-guaranteed auto bomb struck a transport bringing government representatives through a Shiite neighborhood in Afghanistan.

He emphasized that Pakistan is prepared to help Afghanistan to dispose of fear based oppressor places of refuge in their fringe territories.

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