Pak Air Force Mirage jet crash kills pilot in Karachi



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A pilot of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has been killed after his Mirage stream slammed close to Karachi's Musharraf Colony on Tuesday. 

Squadron pioneer Baqir Ali affirmed that PAF Mirage stream bearing story number 921 took off from Masroor Base before smashing close Musharraf Colony. 

Police authorities said the pilot kicked the bucket on the spot. 

The Express Tribune cited Senior Superintendent Police city affirming as saying, "A Mirage plane slammed close Musharraf province,". 

PAF representative said in an announcement that the pilot shot out from the flying machine and maintained lethal wounds. He included that however the pilot did not survive, he "succeeded in sparing valuable lives on ground." 

"No loss of regular citizen life or property has been accounted for. A leading group of request has been requested via Air Headquarters to decide the reason for the mischance," the representative further said. 

Authorities have asserted that the air ship smashed because of a specialized blame. 

A senior authority of the political organization said, "A group of Swat scouts and Levis authorities have been sent to the site of the occurrence.

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