Paint your nails according to latest trends


Instagram vloggers are thinking of new nail slants by the day. From oil spill nails to lunar shroud nails — there is something new day by day. The most recent is a pattern that has individuals painting and improve under the nails, as well, as opposed to right over the nails. In the event that you are quick to give this a shot, here’s the manner by which to go about it…

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  • To play with designs under your nails, apply a coat of white paint and draw patterns of your choice. This might seem like a tedious process, but be patient.
  • Use colourful stones to decorate under the nails, too. Take some and stick it under your nails, but remember not to overcrowd.
  • Do the double game by painting two different colours for your nails — one on the top and a different one under the nails. Be careful not to spill over to the other side while painting the nails.
  • Take a large amount of glitter and place them under your nails. Use a base coat to start and fill it with glitter before it dries. Use a top coat for the finishing look.

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