‘Page Flip’ Kindle’s new bookmarking tool now makes it easier to bounce around your book


A new feature of Kindle that enables readers to bookmark their page while they check refrences, skim previous pages or flip back and forth between chapter.

When Page flip is enabled,

with a simple tap of the screen, the page in question reduces in size and moves to the corner of the screen, ready to be re-accessed upon a second click. Meanwhile, the reader can scroll through pixel-accurate thumbnails of every page in the book to find a specific section. The new "bird's eye view" feature enables users to zoom out from page to chapter level.

Fiction and non-fiction appeal

A video demonstrating the feature showcases the example of a young boy flipping between book pages of J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings," checking locations on the map and flicking forward to see how many pages of the chapter remain. Fantasy fans in particular will enjoy the new feature, as they will be able to more easily access complicated family trees or flick back to a chapter read previously, for example. However, the tool will also be of interest to those reading non-fiction publications, especially self-help or how-to documents where specific chapters or charts are of more interest than others, and going back and forwards between pages is useful.

How to enable Page Flip

Page Flip is available for Kindle E-readers, Fire tablets, and the Kindle app for iOS and Android. When on the Amazon Store page of a certain book, look for the "Page Flip: Enabled" option. Millions of books already have the free feature, with more coming daily.