Padgha Blast: Three arrested for planting explosive in bottle to kill man


On July 28 the strange blast at Padgha village in police station, which caused alarm bells to go off in the safety establishment, turned out to be a love affair gone incorrect and had not anything to do with but terrorist action. On Monday the Thane rural police detained three youths, counting two brothers, for supposedly planting a volatile in a bottle to slaughter a man who had commanded one of them to stay away from a girl in Padgha village. On 28 July in the blast at a dwelling, one woman was gravely injured. Superintendent of Police (Thane rural) Mahesh Patil conveyed that, they detained three persons  Pramod Dalvi, Siddesh Dalvi and Roshan Shelar. On 26 July the trio supposedly placed a bag holding the bottle which is giftwrapped — on the two-wheeler of one Abhijit Gharat. Patil also conveyed that, Gharat took the package within his house, but kept it aside as a stinking smell was imminent from it.

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Though, on July 28 Gharat’s mother Rekha unlocked the bottle out of curiosity, activating the detonation. Police official further conveyed explaining the reason subsequent the crime that, Pramod was in love with a girl from their village who was also being courted by a friend of Gharat. Patil has also further conveyed that, gharat and his friend had commanded Pramod to stay away from her. This infuriated Pramod who down with his brother and friend plotted vengeance. Shahapur division DYSP Vishal Thakur has also further conveyed that, siddesh, as a student, had learnt how to prepare electric circuits, and has collected the volatile inside the bottle and attached a detonator and a switch. Roshan assist Siddesh in obtaining the dynamite and other substance. The trio was charged under the IPC and the Explosives Act.

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