Over 60 fugitives arrested in massive raids in Bharatpur


JAIPUR: The Bharatpur policeĀ on Sunday swooped down on more than a dozen places and arrested 61-wanted fugitives from various villages, in massive raids against the fugitives wanted in various crimes varying from a theft of a buffalo to murder and loot. During the raids police seized eight buffaloes, six country made pistols, two cows, 20 stolen vehicles and one car.

The town including Chor Ghadi, Kaban Ka Baas, Chak Bharwari and others where the policemen entered at 2.30 am, prevailed with panic. Prior to the villagers could comprehend anything, all the needed offenders were into the police net.

Three groups drove by additional SPs, entered different towns and began pushing the outlaws in the police vans and vehicles. “More often than not when a few policemen enter their towns, it is their tendency to either whip the policemen or escape. In this way, in an arranged way, these assaults were directed. It has gotten us fancied results,” said Kailash Vishnoi, superitendent of police, Bharatpur, on Sunday.

No less than 200 policemen at the same time assaulted different towns where before police used to dither to enter. “We figured out how to capture 61 individuals against whom particular courts had issued warrants since 2010 and from that point,” Vishnoi included.

He advance expressed that police figured out how to capture the arms merchant, kill blamed, endeavor to murder denounced and other people who are included in the lifting of bikes.