Over 29 people goes missing in Indian Air Force Plane


An Indian Air Force (IAF) AN-32 plane with more than 29 on board is missing after it took off from Chennai this morning.

The plane was heading for Port Blair from the Chennai  at 8 am and was to have landed around 11.20 am.

Officials say, “The last contact with the plane, which has mostly service personnel on board, was around 15 minutes after take-off. The plane has an emergency beacon locator, which usually gets activated if there is a crash.’

A probe has been launched by the air force, Navy and Coast Guard in the Bay of Bengal , officials said.

Just after getting the news of the incident, A Dornier aircraft has also been sent and four ships,  Karmukh, Gharial, Jyoti and Kuthar have been diverted to the region at full speed.

There are more than 100 Russian-made AN-32s in service with the IAF. It is an aircraft that can fly for up to four hours without refueling.