Orlando Massacre: US witnesses mass vigils & marches for the victims


United States. US on Monday witnessed the vigils, rallies and marches for the victims of the deadly attacked gay nightclub in Orlando. Police in many areas have promised to intensify security for the events, which come during Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month.


The city where the shooting happened, thousands of people gathered to way their support to the victims and survivors on Monday evening.

Many in the crowd in city center Orlando said that they were inspired to attend because the Pulse night club, where the butchery occurred, in their lives as gays & lesbians to feel normal like others.

The vigil was held on the lawn of the Dr Phillips Center, the area's main performing arts venue. It's also the location of a makeshift memorial, where people have been leaving flowers, candles and notes for the victims.

New York

Thousands came up to the streets around the Stoneeall Inn in the Manhattan, where the large-scale gay activism kicked off in 1969.

Under banners foreshadowing the upcoming Pride Week event, people held hands and hugged. Some waved rainbow flags and others carried signs showing support for Orlando as they listened to a slew of elected officials, including New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Spectators watched from fire escapes and windows of nearby apartment buildings as chants of "love beats hate" rang from the crowd.


Lady Gaga addressed a mob of thousands on Monday night at Los Angeles City Hall, and the singer began a joint reading of the victims’ names.

She baptized the attack awful & horrible and an attack on the humanity itself.

The rainbow colors of the gay pride flag flew on the sides of the California Capitol and on the floor of the Senate- a first for the senate.

In San Francisco, home- ground to one of the nation's largest gay communities, police said more officers would be patrolling popular LGBT venues and local mosques in the weeks ahead.

Rhode Island

Around 1,000 people appeared for the candlelight vigil outside a gay nightclub in Providence, followed by a march to the Statehouse steps.

With other vigils and memorials also scheduled around the state Monday and Tuesday – and the Rhode Island Pride Festival expected to draw 40,000 people Saturday in Providence – police are planning to provide more officers, dogs and other security measures for the events.


The non-profit organization Maui Pride is holding a nighttime vigil on the beach in front of the Maui Sunseeker LGBT Resort. State and local officials will speak and Jaysen Giroux, a 14-year-old transgender boy, will recite a poem that he wrote after the attacks. In Honolulu, Rainbow Family 808 will host a gathering at Honolulu Hale, where the city government and mayor's office are housed, to watch as rainbow lights illuminate the building.


More than two dozen human rights organizations have announced plans for a vigil and community gathering Tuesday night at Atlanta's Center for Civil and Human Rights. The groups include gay rights organizations, the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta and the Anti-Defamation League.


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders marched with hundreds of people from downtown Burlington to City Hall Park. Sanders spoke briefly, encouraging the crowd to help "create the kind of nation based on love that we all know we can become." The Pride Center of Vermont organized the march and vigil.