Oops moment! Drunken TV actress gets into a fight at producer’s party


At late night bashes, one of the most sanskari actress of TV screen was found drunked at the party. She shocked many of the people.

The TV actress who reportedly got captured at the moment plays the lead role in one of the longest-running daily soaps in the country.

The girl is known for her ideals on screen as well as she is perfect Sanskari girl. The producer of the daily soap invited her for the celebration. Apart from her, many other actors from her shows were there too.

 After getting drunked, the actress had a fight with a fellow actor. Things are not disclosed yet. When one of her co-stars came to drag her away from the scene, she fell down and got injured.

She has got injured badly and is not able to shoot properly. They are now using body doubles and taking her close ups when required.

The official says that, “She has suffered an injury while working. It seems the producer has also instructed people not to talk about it and it is being hushed up.”