Onus on Trump to ask Pak to root out terror, says Karzai


Mumbai : Terming Pakistan as a ‘terror sponsoring’ country, Hamid Karzai, the former President of Afghanistan said that unless its leaders are made to understand of the repercussions of extremism, no nation in Asian continent can attain peace.

Karzai, was speaking at the annual Mother Teresa awards for social justice organised by Harmony Foundation. He said, “Pakistan is still supporting extremism and unless the hands sponsoring terrorism and extremism aren’t curtailed, no one in this region can live in peace.”

While speaking about the victory of Donald Trump in United States, Karzai said, “I hope Trump works for the welfare of everyone irrespective of their religion. We would support him if he works towards uprooting terrorism from Pakistan. I think if US speaks to Pakistan asks it to put an end to terrorism, then everything will get normal and every nation will live in peace.”He also appreciated the recent ‘surgical strikes’ conducted by India.

He said, “We support everything that will uproot terrorism and extremism from its sanctuaries. We have always maintained that we will support India for its every move to end terrorism and extremism.”

Speaking about China’s investment in the Wadra project in Pakistan, Karzai said, “We support China’s investment there but the problem is Pakistan is nurturing terrorism and if this decision supports Pakistani policy, no good will come out of this decision. Terrorism will get encouraged not only in Pakistan but also in the neighbouring countries like India and us.”

He additionally said, "We impart a decent cling to India, rather I generally get upbeat to visit this country which has bolstered us in particular. At whatever point I'm here I feel like not to backpedal to Afghanistan. India has constantly bolstered us in every one of our hardships and we too will bolster India. We are grateful to the country for teaching our childhood." 

At the point when approached about China and its strategy for India, Karzai said, "India has dependably been a decent companion to us in the meantime, 

China too has been our great neighbor, I would just trust that the relations between both the countries turn out to be great and solid."