Online Petition to White House to declare Pakistan a “Terrorist State”


 An online petition on the official website of White House asking to declare Pakistan as a Terrorist State has received a massive support from the people.

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In total the petition required 100,000 signatures and it got over 82,000 signatories in under five days, just leaving the requirement of 4,926 signatures by 21 October 2016 to get a response from the White House, hence was expected to reach its target soon.

Today the petition has crossed 100,000 signatures thus qualifying to get a response from the Obama administration. The online petition launched by Indian Americans last week has become the third most popular petition on the White House website with nearly 110,000 people signing the petition. The Obama administration is expected to respond to it within 60 days.

Congressman Ted Poe, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism, along with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, introduced the Pakistan State Sponsor of Terrorism Designation Act in the House of Representatives. The petition said, “This petition is important to the people of United States of America, India and many other countries which are continuously affected by Pakistan sponsored terrorism.”

The White House said that it is currently focused on enhancing its counter-terrorism capabilities with Pakistan. White House Deputy spokesperson Mark Toner said, “Designating Pakistan as the sponsor of terrorism is a very specific process and determination that involves a legal process and assessment.”

“Our focus with Pakistan is to enhance their capability and to deal with terrorist threats on their soil. They are fighting a serious and sustained campaign against violent extremism,” he said. “We do believe that they are making progress and taking steps to counter terrorist violence, but at the same time we have been very clear that they need to target all militant groups, including those that target Pakistan’s neighbours, and close all safe havens,” Toner further said.

The pressure on Pakistan has been mounting on almost every front with US repeatedly urging the country to crackdown on terrorism originating from its soil. In the wake of the September 18 terror attack on an army base in Jammu and Kashmir's Uri, Pakistan even faces the risk of being isolated by the international community.

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