Onion price rise from four to eight per kg


Satna: The State Government has started procurement on support price of onion; traders have increased the price of onion. Within two days, prices of onion rise from Rs 4 to Rs 8 per kg. Anxious farmers denied that onion prices are beginning to turn to the markets once again. On Tuesday, the second day of Agricultural Produce Market Complex arrival of onion in the vegetable market was faster. Almost half a century farmer with tractor-trolley and small vehicles arrived onion mandi. Around 1 pm onion sales begin. On Tuesday orally the prices of onions in Satna market were Rs 550 to Rs 800 per quintal. The second day Bora arrivals of onion in the market were 1600.

An increase in price of onion in the last two days were from Rs three to four, which to the farmers hope to get the cost of produce more. Considerably, two days ago the prices of onions in the markets of the district were being snapped up to Rs two to four. Traders of onion were not willing to buy onions at five per kg from farmers and now are forced to buy at Rs 8 per kg.

According to Government guidelines on support price to buy onions, there will be two procurement centers have been opened in the district. However, after four days the government procurement center is murk. Farmers are not turned to centre as they are getting good prices in the market. It is estimated that in four days the marketing department could just purchased only 27 quintals of onion. Farmers are saying that, if they are getting Rs 7 to 8 from market than why they would sell their onions to centre at lower price?

Once the new market complex started, onion auction postal administration will tighten the traders who purchase directly from the village farmers and send it to other state. Mandi Secretary conveyed to peasants that not to sell their onion to traders. It hurts both farmer and the market. Farmers bring their produce to market so that it will be easily sold with better prices.