OnePlus 3T sale discontinued in the US and Europe markets


Company One Plus had announced that it will discontinue the OnePlus 3T model in US as well as Europe. The smartphones will be replaced by One Plus 3.

According to a report by Android Authority, the company has taken decision to discontinue the older smartphone in favour of the new phone OnePlus 3T in the US as well as Europe. This step has been taken by the company as the smartphones is out of stock.

The company said, "We will continue to sell the OnePlus 3 in India.”

When asked whether the company will launch OnePlus 3T in India, it said, "About OnePlus 3T, we will keep you posted on its availability."

One Plus 3T looks similar to OnePlus 3 smartphone. It has a Snapdragon processor SoC, a front-facing camera, a new 128GB storage model and a new colour variant. The OnePlus 3T smartphone will go on sale from November 22 in the US, November 26 in Europe, and November 28 in the UK.

OnePlus 3T 64GB price will be available at $439 (roughly Rs. 29,800), 128GB model will come at $479 (roughly Rs. 32,500). One Plus 3 smartphone was unveiled at $399 (priced at Rs. 27,999 in India) for the 64GB model.