‘One Nation One Rate’ demanded by Petrol Pump Owners


New Delhi: On Tuesday fuel pump proprietor from crossways the nation have insisted for 'One Nation, One Rate' for fuel products to get rid of the dissimilarity in existing price flanked by petrol and diesel. Ajay Bansal, the President of All India Petroleum Dealers Association conveyed that, we are challenging 'one nation one rate' for petroleum so that there be supposed to be no difference in values of petrol and diesel in the states. This pace will help in maintaining prices of this indispensable commodity. He also further conveyed that, owing to the difference in Value Added Tax (VAT) from state to state, there is dissimilarity in petroleum price.

Diesel prices vary flanked by 60 paise to Rs. 4, whereas petrol has a dissimilarity flanked by Rs. 1 to Rs. 7.50 per litre respectively. In conditions of which state charges what amount of VAT, Haryana charges the slightest whereas states like Rajasthan and West Bengal charge about 20 to 24 percent tax, which is relatively higher. Bansal conveys given that fuel is an indispensable commodity, it has to be priced consistently all through the country. The All India Petroleum Dealers Association represents over 52,000 fuel pump dealers in the nation and has been holding gathering with Chief Ministers and State Finance Ministers to took an appear into the subject. They also demand that petroleum products be brought under GST to ensure one nation one rate. Dealers also expressed concern over the looting incidents at petrol pumps in the state and demanded adequate security at pumps to prevent any such incidents in future.