One Day After Returning From Rio olympic, Dipa Karmakar Gave Her MA Exams


New Delhi: After stunning everyone with her excellent performance in Rio Olympics, Dipa impressed people all over again by appearing for her MA exams just a day after her return to India. Dipa said “I will go home and appear for my MA exams on Monday. I think sports persons are really very intelligent and they don’t have to prepare a lot for their exams. I will get a day and will try my best to write well in the exam.” The faculty at the Tripura University were also impressed with Dipa’s dedication.

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Dr KB Jamatia, Director of Distance Education at Tripura University, told “It’s a striking example to other students also. One who plays at the Olympic level can also study side by side to acquire higher education, along with her achievements in sports.”

Dipa’s mother Gouri said that this appreciation for learning has always been a part of the athlete’s mindset. “My daughter always says sports is in its place and education is in its place. She says she has to get a degree.”

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