OMG! This woman made Guiness World Record for covering her face with deadly scorpions daily


This world is full of strange people and every day we see unusual things. When we see strange activities of people on this earth, we often get surprised or shocked. Now, a woman has been found who everytime carry scorpio on her face. Yes!

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You might get shocked that how can someone make scorpio his friend? But, yet this is true story. This woman does something like that. She belongs from Thailand, 39 years old and recognized as Scorpion Queen of Thailand.

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She spent her day with about 5000 scorpions for 33 days. Not only this, she keeps poisonous scorpions for three minutes and 28 seconds on her face and her name has been included in the Guinness Book. This woman is very much attached to scorpions that she keeps them in their mouth too.