OMG! This woman has 55 feet long hair, see pic


You must have seen individual with big tongue or nose but have you ever observed girl with long hair? No, then today I am telling you about a girl who have very long hair. Everyone knows that such long hair does not look good.

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Who doesn’t want long hair? Everyone. Yes! You will get surprised to know about the women who possess such a long hair. She has been found as Asha Mandela.

Asha Mandela’s hair length is more than 55 feet. Asha made the record of longest hair in year 2008. When she came to know about her Cancer, she did not cut her hair. It took her 25 years and despite his chemotherapy treatment, she kept her hair in such a way.

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Due to excessive hair loss, she has not had hair comb since 25 years. She did not want to get married due to his long hair. Asha also advertises hair products and accessories.