OMG! This woman gives light to blind people by her tongue


Everyone knows that this world is full of strange people. Today we are talking about an old woman whose tongue gives lot of magical benefits to blind people…Yes it is true! This woman has been found as Hava Celebic who belongs from Bosnia of Europe.

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You must be surprised to know this fact that this 80-year-old woman helps to treat the blind people with her tongue. Hava has claimed that there is something in his tongue which removes the blindness of the people. As per the reports, Hava Celebic has brought light in the lives of more than five thousand people.

This woman takes 10 euros (approximately 750 rupees) for this magical treatment. Her tongue helps to remove dust and dirt from the eyes. For this, she also washes his mouth with alcohol. She learned this idea from another woman.

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She says that her children seem this thing to be abusive. They also fear that people will cut their tongue after their death.