OMG! This girl looks similar to monkey, see pic


Everyone knows that boys have hair on face but have you ever seen a girl with hair on face? No, then today I am telling you about a girl who looks similar to monkey.

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Whenever people see this girl somewhere, they get shocked by her appearance. People have started calling her Monkey Girl. The girl has been found as Supaatra saasufan.

This girl is as ordinary as other children, but the face of this girl is totally different from rest of children. This extraordinary girl has a disease called Ambras Syndrome. In this disease, the hair starts to grow on the face. Not only on the face, the hair are also on the back, hands and feet of Supaatra. Supatra also took the help of laser treatment to get rid of her hair but there was no change.

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In research, 50 cases of this dangerous disease have come into the world. Supaatra has to listen to the people because of this disease. Supaatra’s name has now been registered in Guinness Book of World Records because of this disease.