OMG! This Crying Boy painting took several people’s lives, know story behind it


Daily we hear or see surprising things and often start relating it with our lives. You must have seen extraordinary people or animal but today we are telling you about a painting that takes lives of several people and changed the normal life of people. You won’t believe but yes this painting is true! Today we are going to tell you about the real mystery behind this painting.

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There are so many painters who have been able to make the extraordinary paintings with their hands but today we are going to tell you about a painter who has suffered even more slander and hatred of people due to accidents faced by people after purchasing that painting. We are talking about a painting made by Italian famous painter Giovanni Bragolin. He made this painting of Crying Boy in year 1985.

At that time people liked the painting of Crying Boy a lot which inspired the painter to give his best efforts in the painting. Later, the demand of painting increased and it was sold for up to 50,000.  The sale of this painting helped Brogolin to gain lot of fame but later he received lot of slander.

It is said about whoever bought this painting and decorates homes, the life of those people gets destroyed. A series of horrific arson started in their homes. The news of this painting started coming in newspapers later on.

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As soon as the news came to the media, the painting started believing to be cursed. People started throwing that picture away from their homes and many others set it ablaze.