OMG! This 11 yr old child looks like a stone, know reason


Everyday we come across weird stories, now we are telling you another story of a boy who is facing new disease. Ramesh Dariji, a 11-year-old child, is suffering from such a disease, due to which his body is becoming a stone day by day. When Ramesh was born, he looked like other normal children, but when 15 days had passed, he was caught by such a rare disease, due to which he started looking like a stone.

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Only 15 days after birth, Ramesh’s thick skin was replaced by thick, black-colored skin. Now Ramesh is 11 years old, the condition is that due to his illness, he is gradually becoming like a statue of a stone.Ramesh does not even walk properly. In the language of science, this rare disease has been given the name ‘eighthosis’.

Now the 11th year of Ramesh’s rest of the body is slowly becoming a stone. According to Ramesh’s parents, he only can tell when he is hungry and when he is going to toilet.

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Ramesh’s parents do wages in Nepal. Therefore they can not cure the disease. But now British singer Joss Stone promised to help Ramesh. A concert was organized for which 1,375 pounds have been collected.