Ola Cab: Bad behavior and Super Luxurious Amount


There have been complaints against cab aggregators like Ola and Uber on account of bad behaviour, charging extra money and even drivers sleeping on the job, but in what can be called a first in the history of goof-ups cab aggregators could do, a user was shown a bill of a whopping Rs 9,15,887 by Ola.

Rathish Sekhar, a private consultant working on government projects, travelled from Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad to Nizamabad and back after a 2-hour hault. The estimated value of the trip that appeared on the app was Rs5,000 but Sekhar got the shock of his life when he saw the bill.

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“When I booked the cab the estimate shown on my phone was about Rs5,000. When I actually returned, the bill showed Rs9.15 lakh,” Sekhar told.

The trip that actually was 450km showed up as 85,427km in the app. “There were no dots between the numerical. For example, sometimes the bill amount is displayed as ‘9158.87’ which would mean Rs9,158. But even Rs9,000 would be almost double the estimate,” he said.

Looking at the bill, the cab driver Sunil Kumar also couldn’t believe his eyes. Reportedly, he said the man could buy two such cabs in the amount mentioned.

Sekhar reportedly contacted Ola support, and the company officials soon apologized for the mistake, calling it an error in the app.

The man clearly would have known that he doesn’t have to pay this amount as soon as he saw it, but his reaction at the moment would have been heroic!

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