Office Left Vandalised, CCTV footge reveal unlikely criminal


On Monday morning, an employee of Argonics’ Inc. in Louisville, USA, strolled to find the glass front door of the office broke. As per a media, Greg Cappeart came to work on July 17 to find the shattered door and called the police to report the vandalism. However, after looking into the security tapes, he found the criminal was… a goat. That’s right. Security tapes uncovered that an aggressive goat, egged on by his criminal goat buddies, figured out how to break the glass door before scampering away proudly.

The video, shared by Argonics Inc. on YouTube, demonstrates a goat tirelessly smashing the door. “For like 20 minutes he sat and banged into the front door,” says Mr Cappeart to the Daily Camera. A gang of goats can be seen loitering in the background. Every one of them can be seen escaping the crime scene.

Watch the video below:

The video has been seen more than 1.7 lakh times on YouTube and has left many laughing. “Children nowadays have no respect for property!” quips one user. “My god this is hilarious and adorable,” writes another.

No arrest has been made so far for the situation and the gang of goats is still on the loose.