Offerings to make Lord Lakshmi happy!


In Indian culture, worship of Lord Lakshmi includes special significance. Kamla, Rama, Padma, Padmavasa, Vishnupriya etc is considered to provide happiness, wealth and wealth to Lakshmi. Lotus flowers are included in the two hands of Goddess Lakshmi. With the left hand, she gives money to its devotees and from her right hand, she gives blessings to the disciples. In the Agam texts, Lakshmi ji is said to be sitting on a golden auspicious lotus flower depicting two arms. Rules have been prescribed in some scriptures to make Lord Lakshmi happy.

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According to astrology, due to the inauspiciousness of Venus, there is a lot of problems like lack of funds in life, physical and mental distress, tremendous attitude towards pleasure. Due to the worship of Lord Lakshmi ji, the defects of Venus start to subside. One can get blessings from her by donating to the needy, widowed women and girls, donating ghee, camphor, pearl, milk, curd, kheer, coconut, white flora, rice, diamond, silver to the poor people. You will get Laxmi ji’s blessing.

Image result for Offerings to make Lord Lakshmi happy!As per religious texts, Lakshmi Ji with four hands includes Shrifil, Padma, Amritghat and conch on their hands. Despite the different forms of Mata Lakshmi, Jyoti Gaya Deepawali is believed to have been specially rewarded by the law and legislation. However, Friday’s day is also associated with Laxmi ji’s adoration, because on this day, after celebrating Kheer and coconut offerings, worshiping Lakshmi ji brings happiness, peace and wealth benefits in life.

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As per Vaastu Shastra, the north-east direction of the building is considered auspicious for the worship of goddess Lakshmi and other gods and goddesses of wealth.