Offering these flowers to Shivling provides peace to home!


Some trees and plants have great importance in the scriptures. They also have religious and astrological significance. If you have these plants around your home, then you may get a miraculous benefit. One of these plants is a Madar plant, if that plant is in your house, then you may get lot of benefits. According to the scriptures, when you offer these flowers on Shivling, all your desires gets fulfilled. Check out some miraculous benefits of Madar plant:

Take these measures to get peace at home!

If the Madar plant is placed at the main door of your house, then it is considered very auspicious. As per astrology, there is no negative force in the house or at the main entrance of house.

Tantric hurdles never bother people living in the house where a tree of statistics is present. A positive and sacred environment is maintained around the house, which provides happiness and prosperity and wealth to us. Mahalakshmi is particularly pleased with such people.

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It is said that a replica of Shri Ganesha ji is created in Madar plant roots which provides miraculous benefits to the people.