Odisha teenager hacked EPABX code of Hyderabad based company, causes Rs 60 lakh loss


Hyderabad: A teenager from Odisha hacked into a Hyderabad based company causing a loss of 60 lakhs. Himalaya Mohanty, a native of Shibapura village in Balasore district, managed to breach into the EPABX code of Hyderabad-based Lloyd Electricals and Engineering Limited, using his outdated smartphone. 

He was arrested by the Cyberabad police on the charge of hacking a toll free number of Lloyd Electricals and Engineering Limited.

Himalaya Mohanty, used a language translator software for online interaction with other hackers. He was pursuing a course at an industrial training institute (ITI) at Balasore in Odisha. He had never been to any city other than Balasore. Yet, he learned basic hacking skills through online forums. Gradually he gained enough proficiency to hack Wi-Fi routers, emails, Facebook accounts and also mobiles.

He put the code online by creating his own website. "Thousands of net surfers made free calls by using the code and the company received a hefty bill of about Rs 60 lakh," a police press release said. Though he used proxy servers, police zeroed in on his location and arrested him at his village in Balasore district. 

Mohanty confessed to the police officials that he would first contact people to share hacking techniques with them and later hack their phones by infecting it with a Trojan virus that allowed him to track their movements.