Obama : Trump versus Clinton race resemble fanciful past versus future


US President Barack Obama has tossed his weight behind Hillary Clinton as he compared the presidential race between the previous Secretary of State and land head honcho Donald Trump to a decision amongst "future and nonexistent past".


"This is a decision between whether we are going to stick to some nonexistent past or whether we're going to go after the future," Obama said in his lady crusade rally in backing of Clinton at Charlotte in North Carolina yesterday.


"This November, in this race, you are going to have a reasonable decision to make; between two on a very basic level distinctive dreams of where America ought to go. What's more, this isn't even truly a decision amongst left and right or Democrat or Republican," he said in his location to a great many Clinton supporters.


"This is about whether we have an America that works for everyone, or only a couple people," Obama said making an energetic supplication to the compatriots to bolster his previous Secretary of State for the following presidential races on November 8.


In his location, Obama made no notice of the FBI choice not to prescribe charge sheet against Clinton. Obama said he values Clinton's experience and judgment.


In 2008, Obama made history by turning into the main non-White male to be chosen as the president of the US. On the off chance that chose, Clinton would be the primary lady to be chosen as the president of the US.


"Hillary is not someone who reasons for alarm what's to come. She trusts that it is our own to shape, the same way it's generally been. Hillary comprehends that we make our own fate insofar as we're as one, the length of we consider ourselves not as only an accumulation of people or a gathering of vested parties or an accumulation of states, however as a United States of America," Obama said.


"She realizes that. She realizes that with regards to our economy. Since she knows our economy works best not when it just advantages a couple at the top, however when everyone has a reasonable shot at achievement," he said.


Without naming Trump, Obama lashed out at the Republican presidential chosen one. "A pack of fake boast doesn't keep us safe. What's more, she comprehends that we can't withdraw from a world that necessities American initiative," he said.


"That is the reason she offers a more brilliant methodology that uses each component of American energy to secure our kin and to ensure our associates. She is and will be a stateswoman who does right by us around the globe," Obama said.


Obama was formally supported by Clinton last June and they were booked to commence their joint rally from Wisconsin. In any case, that was wiped out due to the shooting at an Orlando gay club. The US Vice President Joe Biden would join Clinton on the battle field on Friday.


"I concur with Hillary that our majority rules system works best when there are essential obligations of trust between us, when we perceive that each voice matters. The general population who can't help contradicting us most unequivocally love our nation the same amount of as we do. You've never heard Hillary Clinton deride other individuals," he said.


In a clear burrow at Trump, Obama said this is not a reality appear. "This is not stimulation, this is genuine. This is not a reality appear, this is reality. Furthermore, being President of the US implies you need to manage reality," he said.


"At the point when an emergency hits you can't simply stroll off the set. You can't fire the scriptwriter. You can't be foolhardy. You don't have the advantage of trying to say whatever pops into your head. You've really became more acquainted with what you're discussing," Obama said.


"You've really got the chance to get your work done. You can't simply kick out correspondents. You can't go to another nation and in the event that they make an inquiry you don't care for simply show them out. Since you're in another nation," he included.