Obama names first envoy to Cuba in five decades


Bulgaria replaces possibility for the United Nations’ top occupation

WASHINGTON: The United States has tapped Jeffrey DeLaurentis, America's top representative in Havana, to end up the primary authority represetative to Cuba in five decades. 

"The arrangement of an envoy is a realistic stride forward toward a more ordinary and profitable relationship between our two nations," President Barack Obama said in an announcement. 

Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro reported a defrost in relations in December 2014. The two nations reestablished full political relations in July 2015. 

From that point forward, Washington and Havana have found a way to patch ties after more than a large portion of a century of ill will. 

Obama has gone to Cuba and loose parcels of the US ban forced since 1962. 

Flights have continued and journey boats can now cruise from Miami to Havana. 

US organizations like Airbnb and Netflix now work in Cuba and lodging bunch Starwood, obtained a week ago by Marriott International, opened a Sheraton in Havana last June. 

DeLaurentis is as of now in Havana and beforehand worked in Bogota and at the United Nations. 

Be that as it may, his designation, which requires Senate affirmation, is liable to face firm resistance in Congress, where Cuban-American legislators have tried to earn nearby backing by contradicting Obama's strategies. 

Any representative could put an unknown hang on the designation. A few Republican officials have contradicted Democrat Obama's effort to the Communist administration drove by Castro.Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American presidential contender in the Republican essential race who at last lost to Donald Trump, impacted Obama's selection. 

"A US represetative is not going to impact the Cuban government, which is an oppressive and shut administration," Rubio said in a statement."This designation ought to go no place until the Castro administration gains noteworthy and irreversible ground in the regions of human rights and political opportunity for the Cuban individuals." 

Blaming the Obama organization for neglecting to defy Cuba over its severe arrangements, Rubio said the US government office in Havana's Twitter account "appears to be more similar to a travel office than a promoter for American values and interests."

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