Nurse put on APO in hospital negligence case says Minister Kalicharan Saraf


Jaipur: Hospital nurse Maya Gupta found guilty in a case of a pregnant woman giving birth outside Jaipuria Hospital on Friday night. Health minister Kalicharan Saraf conveyed that nurse put on awaiting posting orders. Diplomate of National Board (DNB) student Radha Agarwal has been warned to make sure that such mistakes cannot be repeated in future.

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Saraf had constituted a five-part board to investigate charged thoughtlessness of the clinic in denying a patient giving human services offices when she required it promptly. The board of trustees found the nurse responsible for as she confronted the activity against her. The advisory group needed to exhibit the report in three days.

The minister got the report and issued the bearings. The board has discovered that the hospital has two labour rooms — one has three obstetric conveyance tables (ODS) while other which was shut has five such tables. At the time, when episode happened, there was just a single work room was useful. In that labour room, each of the three ODS were possessed.

Presently, health minister guided the authorities to redesign medicinal services offices for pregnant lady as the quantities of such patients going to the doctor’s facility for treatment are likewise expanding.

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Sources said that the pregnant lady was taken inside the labour room on that night, however as all the three ODS were involved by other ladies and the other room was shut, the pregnant woman came out of hospital and gave birth to baby outside on road.