NSG membership: Despite China’s objection America took a stand for India


In between the undue efforts of China and Pakistan to prevent the entry of India in Nuclear Supplier Group NSG, America stood in the support of India. The US stated that India meet the rules of India Missile Control system and thus totally qualified to join the group.

US State department Spokesperson John Kirby said, “I would like to repeat the statement made by the Obama on his trip to India that India is qualified to be a part of Nuclear Supplier Group.’’ He further added that it is the internal issue of NSG to decide who to be included in the group but US has taken a stand on the matter.

However the neighboring country China putting efforts to prevent the India’s entry said in the NSG, many members of the 48-nation Organization are agree with them that signing on Non Proliferation Treaty is an important measure to expand NSG. But China is in favour to include Pakistan in the NSG