‘Not in Race’ for becoming President : Mohan Bhagwat says


Putting to rest all theory RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has said that he is not in the race for the President of India for which the races are to be held later this year.

BJP partner Shiv Sena had not long ago proposed Bhagwat’s name for the post, with party MP and representative Sanjay Raut stretching out support to any such move by the NDA later on.

In any case, in the political circles, Shiv Sena’s turn was being seen generally with regards to the discontinuous yet nonstop brinkmanship between the two parties which as of late battled a severe political fight in BMC race. In spite of the fact that a partner of the BJP, has over the most recent two years not lost any chance to assault is senior accomplice both in Maharashtra and Delhi.

Prior a week ago, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee had suggested this point in a meeting proposing many names including that of BJP veteran L K Advani.

In the wake of enlisting a decided triumph in the most recent round of state assembly polls, BJP has crept near the half way mark in the electoral college for the President of India.

Also, it is one post-a protected one at that-which no RSS swayamsevak has ever involved.