North Korea accused United States For pushing the Korean Peninsula to “the point of explosion”


SEOUL: North Korea today blamed the United States for pushing the Korean Peninsula to "the purpose of blast" after it dispatched two tremendous aircraft in a show of power against Pyongyang.

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The supersonic B-1B Lancers flew over South Korea Tuesday as Washington pledged its "unshakeable duty" to protect its partners in the locale taking after North Korea's fifth and biggest ever atomic test led a week ago. 

Washington called the show "only one case of the full scope of military abilities". It took comparative military activities taking after past nuclear tests. 

North Korea named the flyover by the "notorious" atomic aircraft as Washington's endeavor to look for "a chance of mounting a preemptive atomic assault," alluding to US arrangements to send further key advantages for the promontory. 

"These to a great degree careless incitements of the US radical war hawks are pushing the circumstance on the Korean landmass to the point of blast hour by hour," the state-run KCNA news office said. 

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It cautioned that the North Korean armed force was completely furnished with "all methods for military balance" to strike back at any adversary assault in "a solitary blow". 

Washington is wanting to send the atomic fueled plane carrying warship the USS Ronald Reagan and the Japan-based Carrier Strike Group Five to South Korean waters one month from now for a joint maritime activity, as per South Korea's Yonhap news office. 

A representative for United States Forces Korea declined to affirm the report to AFP, refering to operational matters. 

South Korea has 28,000 US troops as the two Koreas actually stay at war since the 1950-53 Korean War finished in a truce rather than a peace arrangement. 

The aircraft's flight came after the North on Friday completed what it depicted as an "atomic warhead test" and pledged to take further measures to build its atomic strike power "in quality and in amount".