North Carolina police were investigating a firebomb attack on a Republican Party office


Police in the southern US state of North Carolina on Sunday were investigating a firebomb assault on a Republican Party office, with the message "Nazi Republicans leave town or something bad might happen" showered on an adjacent building.

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Nobody was harmed in the pyro-crime assault overnight on the Orange County Republican Party headquarters in Hillsborough, the town said in an announcement.

The official director of the state's Republican Party called the assault "political terrorism."

"The workplace itself is a total loss," Dallas Woodhouse told The Charlotte Observer. "The main thing vital to us is that no one was killed, and they very well could have been."

Photos posted by the state party demonstrated the office's charred walls and furniture, with colorful lawn signs for candidates, including Republican presidential cheerful Donald Trump, seeming softened and distorted.

The culprits threw flammable material in a container through the office's front window, and spray painted the words "Nazi Republicans leave town or there will be consequences" on a business next door, the town said.

The harm was accounted for by another entrepreneur Sunday morning.

Police were exploring the assault, which Trump faulted for "creatures speaking to Hillary Clinton and Dems in North Carolina… since we are winning."

"With all of you the way, will always remember. Presently we need to win. Glad for all of you!" the pompous very rich person said on Twitter.

Clinton, the Democratic chosen one, took to Twitter to censure the occurrence as "awful and unsuitable," including she was "extremely appreciative that everybody is protected."

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