Noodle Soup Recipe



Noodles – 150 gms
Tomato – Three
A carrot, capsicum, ginger
Peas – half a bowl
Black pepper – half a teaspoon
White pepper – half a teaspoon
Lemon juice – half a spoon

Avial Recipe

Green chili – 2
Butter – 2 tbsp
Salt to taste
To decorate butter and chopped green coriander


First wash the tomatoes and carrots and cut them finely, take capsicum and cut it. Now melt the butter in a pan.

Add green chilies and ginger in this pan and fry them lightly, now add peas and soften them. Add tomatoes, carrots and capsicum in it. After the light sprinkle of salt, roast the vegetables lightly.

Put two glasses of water in it, when the water comes to boil, add the noodle in it. Reduce heat to cook for five minutes. Now according to the taste and put salt, black pepper and white chillies.

Paneer Kheer Recipe

After cooking for about five minutes, turn off the gas and add lemon juice. Vegetable noodle soup is ready, serve it hot.