Nomination of BJP members as MLAs against cooperative federalism, says CM V. Narayanswamy


On Thursday Puducherry Chief Minister V. Narayanswamy has also conveyed that the nomination of three Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) associates as MLAs by Lt. Governor Kiran Bedi is next to principles of cooperative federalism.

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Narayanasamy has also further conveyed that, how can a Governor nominate MLAs without consulting the elected administration? This is next to supportive federalism. Without asking the Chief Minister, three suggestions by the administration of India is unlawful, unauthorized, next to democracy.

Yesterday Congress party dramatic a burly protest in the Puducherry Legislative Assembly over three BJP associates being selected as MLAs by Lt. Governor Kiran Bedi. The move upset the Congress Party.

The Congress management tagged Lt. Governor Bedi as an “agent of the Bhartaiya Janata Party (BJP)”, whereas she opposed by conveying that she was an agent of the law and is functioning accordingly. Lt. Governor further conveyed that, we are functioning under the law to fulfill the same.

I am operational accordingly. V Saminathan, K.G. Shankar and S Selvaganapathy were nominated and sworn in as MLAs in a calm manner. Numerous parties, counting DMK, have called for a shutdown on July 8. Bedi has also further stated that, as per the Union Territories Act the nomination of three MLAs to Puducherry Legislative Assembly is to be done by Central the administration.

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The Ministry of Home Affairs drives the name to the Puducherry administration, who then inform about it. The oath is and can be directed by Administrator. This is not the primary time an occurrence of this nature has occurred.