Noida: Unique way of theft! Rich Thieves Came In AUDI Car And Escaped With A BMW Car


Noida: In Noida’s Sector 17A last week, a brazen and shocking case of theft took place where two thieves managed to drive off with a brand new BMW from a house easily. Interestingly, the thieves had come to the spot in an Audi A7,which was also a stolen one .

The duo came in a black Audi in the morning when most of the people were either sleeping or had gone for a morning walk. They entered the gate of the residential complex at around 7 am. Despite being outsiders, they were surprisingly not stopped by the security guards at the main gate.

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They then confidently roamed around inside the colony stealing things from one house to another. Along with a stolen laptop and many other things, they finally reached house No. A-37 belonging to one named Ritesh Rupramka. 

The thieves entered the house and after sensing the right opportunity, they took away the keys of their two-month-old BMW car. Within just 17 minutes of their entry, the duo went out of the colony in the two luxury cars. "We were alerted when my mother returned from her walk around 8am, which is when we called the police," Rupramka told to media. A case has been registered and Noida Police are investigating the matter.