No Violence Directed The Supreme Court To State Goverments


Supreme Court has directed the state governments of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to ensure that there should not be any violence or any kind of damage to any property in both the sates after the court’s order of sharing Kaveri Water.

Sumitra Mahajan has referred transgender bill to parliamentary panel

Meanwhile, on Thursday, a day off in Karnataka was called up. Mandya railway track in particular is being monitored. People have also shown protests at many places and police have also arrested some people. Earlier, police lifted the curfew from all the 16 police station of Bangalore after everything gained normalcy on Wednesday.

Before this there were activities all over the bangalore. Road Transport, metro, business establishments, schools and colleges all became normal as well as the activities in the IT capital of the country has returned to the hustle and bustle.

Did not got the permission to the “Rail Roko agitation” : Meanwhile, officials say that as a precautionary measure the orders under CRPC Section 144, prohibitory will continue until further orders. Police didn’t permitted the Rail Roko Agitation of leader of the pro-Kannada police party “Vatal Nagraj” on Thursday. Under the case, 350 people were detained.

What is the bone of contention:  The Supreme Court has asked Karnataka to give the 15 thousand cusecs of water to Tamil Nadu. This issue led to the protests at many places. The Supreme Court on September 20 changing its order given on September 5 asked Karnataka to give 12,000 cusecs of Kaveri water to Tamil Nadu.

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