No Uptake For Rooftop Solar In Indian Cities


In India, everyone puts the water tank on the south side of the roof and it is the direction where you get maximum solar energy. Plus, you have various things on roofs which reduces the available area needed for solar.”

The government has also declared putting 18 percent impose on solar panels boards under the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) administration, however this number might be changed. While industry feels the as of now proposed assess rate will expand cost of solar based activities by 12 percent, Goyal says that this won’t be an obstruction to the extent sun oriented housetops are concerned.

“The costs of sun oriented modules are going down and it is normal that they may additionally diminish by approximately five percent in the following six months, so might be the net impact of GST would be one percent . Regardless solar energy vitality is getting to be noticeably less expensive to introduce and the time is ready for the legislature to do the needful to lift it advance. With the correct strides, I can anticipate a blast in private sunlight based housetops in the following two years.”

India, where there is an issue of both land availability and air pollution, is also a country with over 300 million buildings and as many rooftops.