No talent in Pakistan, I am ‘best’ amongst present cricket team: Shahid Afridi


Karachi: Pakistan Cricket team’s former skipper and star All-Rounder Shahid Afridi seems to be in a rebellious mode again and has stated that nothing can go straight for Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) but if he would say something then he’ll get notice of misbehaviour very next morning. Meanwhile he said there is no talent in Pakistan and he wants to continue playing the game. “A lot of steps should be taken to improve the system of PCB” He further told.

Afridi claimed he wanted to leave a capable team behind. But looking at the players coming through, he thought he was definitely more capable of commanding a place in the team. The all-rounder then went on to state that the talk about there being plenty of talent in Pakistan is simply not true.

The 36-year-old said the quality of the player pool in Pakistan cricket does not match the international standard. He wanted to say more but maintained restrained due to his contract with the Pakistan Cricket Board. On retiring however, Afridi promised to spill all the beans about how badly the sport was governed in the country.