“No Skirts Please”, Minister Mahesh Sharma directed Foreign Tourists


NEW DELHI: Union Minister Mahesh Sharma has advised that foreign tourists must not wear skirts on their arrival in India.

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"When tourists arrive at the airport, they are handed a small pamphlet of dos and don'ts, which has instructions like if they are in small cities, they should not roam around alone or wear skirts…they should take a picture of the cab they are travelling by and send it to their friend'." Mr Sharma, the Minister of State for Culture said.

He said, “India is a cultural country" and "we have a different dress code for temples. Kindly keep that in mind while dressing up."

On the safety of the individual, he emphasized on the tourists of Agra who travel to India to see the magnificent Taj Mahal.

The 55-year-old minister said, "We are not telling them what to wear and what not to wear. We are only saying that when they go out at night, they should be careful while taking a taxi."

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