No radiation frequency works here, check out


There are many such places which scientists have not even been able to disclose about their mystery. We are going to tell you about such a place. It is said that electronic devices stop working at this place.

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There is a place in Mexico where electronic devices stop working. This place is named Zone Of Silence here no radii frequency works. The name Zone of Silence was kept in 1966 when an oil company came here searching for oil.

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When the people of the company started researching this 50 km area, they became very upset because all those devices stopped working and they were not getting any radio signal. Research on the failures of electronics was done when a US test rocket collapsed from here. When the Scientist reached this place, the GPS and Direction compass started to roam like a chakri.

There were several meteoroid collapses here. The first metteroid hit here in 1938 and the second in 1954. After this the residents here claim to have some strange poisonous movements in this place.