No plan to reissue Rs 1,000 note, ATMs being recalibrated, says Arun Jaitley


New Delhi: Declaring there was no arrangement to re-monetise Rs 1,000 notes, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday said the choice to decrease as far as possible for demonetised notes to Rs 2,000 is intended to stop the abuse of assets.

The Finance Minister likewise said that 22,500 ATMs would be re-aligned on Thursday. “The administration’s choice to constrain the trading of banned Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes to Rs 2,000, from the current top of Rs 4,500, would stop abuse of assets,” Jaitley told journalists here.

“Starting now, there is no arrangement to reintroduce Rs 1,000 note,” he said. He likewise said that around 10 for every penny of ATMs would be recalibrated to apportion new notes.

“22,500 ATMs will be recalibrated today (Thursday) to permit withdrawal of Rs 100, Rs 500 and the Rs 2,000 notes. Almost 2 lakh ATMs exist starting now,” he included.

He encourage said the choice to permit withdrawals up to Rs 2.5 lakh if there should arise an occurrence of relational unions was planned as an alleviation for the ordinary citizens.