No one will join BCCI if there is three-year cooling off period, says Ravi Shastri


Former Captain Ravi Shastri feels that three year cooling off period recommended by Lodha Committee will dishearten former cricketers from being a part of the BCCI administration.

He further added that, “An administrator should spend at least six years in the office.”

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"Why would I join BCCI if there's cooling off period?" Shastri asked Sanjay Manjrekar. "If I have an idea which is constructive and which I can do, I mean you are telling me to go in three years. What would anyone achieve in three years? How do you know the guy coming after me is competent enough?” Shashtri asserted.

Shastri alleged, "If I have done a competent job, then I should be respected for my competence. There is no harm if I get a six-year term. Then go for three-year cooling off and come back for another six years. Even Indian presidential candidate gets five years."

He additionally expressed that India ought to have five-part national determination board, contradicting the Lodha Panel prescribed of having three. The BCCI chose to decide on a five-part board in spite of the suggestions, in its yearly broad meeting prior this week, naming MSK Prasad to seat the panel – a move which was supported by Shastri.

"When I played diversion, three selectors were sufficient yet the way in which interest has developed, the consolidated number of individuals who play the amusement in our nation is more than joined populace of other cricket playing countries.

"Australia can have three selectors as they have a populace of 17 million (approx). We have a populace of 1.2 billion. You are asking a lot from poor person (selector). They can cover every end of the nation yet at the same time won't be sufficient. I think five (selector) is all together," Shastri said.

"On the off chance that things would have been that awful, we would not have been the place we are today. Yes, there were oversights and a whack in the posterior is required. So how about we be viable on the off chance that it can work or not. There can be all out mayhem where different nations will venture out in front of us and it will take years to move back," he closed.

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