No new Investment by Corporate India


New Delhi: According to the poll, the global economic situation remains delicate and any firm revival remains indefinable as 64 percent of the participants signaled that demand condition would remain troublesome. Poll conveys that India will remains suspicious of production new investments, with passive need being an input project for businesses, even as concerns grow over hushed recovery in the industrial sector.

The Ficci Business Confidence Survey draw response from some 120 companies with a turnover ranging from Rs 3 crore to Rs 65,000 crore, straddling athwart sectors. It gauged outlook between April and September 2016. About 35 percent respondents conveyed that they expect superior investments over April-September as against 41 percent in the preceding round. The companies stayed cautious about making fresh commitment and about 46 percent saw no change in speculation levels. In past two years to create investments, the respondents were asked to point to if they have witnessed any development in speculation activity in and around their area of process. Persons who indicated that things are fast ground reported action mostly in communications projects, counting roads and highways, railways, renewable energy and defense. However, in general Business Confidence Index was seven notches higher at 64.3 in the near round compared to 56.7 in the preceding one. In addition, nearly 58 percent of the participating companies predict superior sales over the approaching in coming six months, as against 48 percent former.