No More Nerd Abhay Deol


Known for settling on particular film decisions, Abhay Deol is good to go to make a rebound with 'Upbeat Bhag Jayegi.' The on-screen character had been entirely off the scene until he began shooting this one. Presently, the expert performing artist is back – revived and empowered, and is occupied with the advancements of the film, which additionally has Diana Penty attempting the main part and Ali Fazal in a key part. 

Abhay, who is very dynamic on the online networking, as of late took to his authority Facebook page and shared an old identification photo of his, clicked when he was only a 18-year-old. About that pair of glasses, the on-screen character uncovers that it wasn't for visual perception yet he wore them just to go off as clever. Abhay subtitled the photo, "I lost a wager to a companion. Here's my identification pic from when I was 18 years (on the left in the event that you can't tell!). I didn't really have a number to wear glasses (still don't), I used to put them on to go off as clever. The pic on the privilege is from my present travel permit. On the off chance that any of you women and gentlemen need to share their old pics, don't hesitate to add them to the remarks with a title. My title is "Observing Nerdy-ness." "Hashtag"AGEING!"

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