No more liquor outlets will be closed, says Minister T P Ramakrishnan


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Excise Minister T P Ramakrishnan said the administration does not mean to shut down any of the current alcohol outlets of Beverages Corporation and Consumerfed. The minister said that the conclusion of 10% of the Bevco outlets consistently, according to the alcohol arrangement of the past UDF government, would not happen and the provision would be changed.

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With the choice, 306 outlets would keep on existing. It was that initially reported that the legislature, interestingly in the wake of coming to control, has taken a sharp deviation from the abkari strategy by choosing not to shut down the outlets consistently. Ramakrishnan said the administration planned to make mindfulness no forbiddance.

 He included that the past government's arrangement has not profited general society and the offer of alcohol has just gone up after the conclusion of bars. The clergyman likewise made it clear that the administration has not taken any choice with respect to giving bar licenses to four-star inns.

He said a choice would be taken in such manner before the initiation of next gathering session after detailed discourses. With the abkari strategy of the legislature up in the air, it has turned out to be clear that the administration does not expect to take after the past government's arrangement, which was to a great extent an aftereffect of inward clash of the Congress party.

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